About Us

Tinyorda is a company started by two Entrepreneurs who wanted to make their workspace nicer, more quiet and easy to work with.
From very humble beginnings, this hard working family based in FS city at warehouse to the local gift company and trading company. They had a vision to do one thing- to develop creative gifts. The Marketing team has been assembled to provide ideas and coordinate production of branded merchandise, business gifts, Outdoor gifts and awards for your special needs. Watch out, the team are developing lots more exciting products. OEM and ODM service are warmly welcome.

You have some questions or an issue you want to discuss, we’re here for you, just get in touch.
We’ll respond in less than 24h and give you the attention you deserve.

And lastly, we are a small business  and we care, we care about you, our customers and we really appreciate your business.
We’ll make sure you are well taken care of, We promise.